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Experience through Research (or Learning by Doing)

Unlike some advisers we do operate our own generators and have produced heat and power with many different renewable fuels. Most of the issues which occur in the planning, installation and operational phases of a project we have already encountered and we are happy to share this experience. Of course, we not only advise on technical issues but also on dealings with Ofgem, the CHPQA scheme, selling ROCs and negotiating Power Purchase Agreements.

At Cantium we have hundreds of hours experience of using biofuels in engines. We understand how to modify standard parts, which keeps capital costs down, and how to use unrefined fuels, which keeps running costs low. From our own test data we know what works and what can make money. We also know about exhaust pollution and how to manage it.

When it comes to advice on Biofuels in engines we feel  confident to call ourselves experts, so if you have a Biofuel related query please contact us.

We feel it is important to understand the issues of using biofuels first hand, so we have spent many years operating a grid connected 50 KVA engine on various liquid fuels and liquid / gas mixtures.

Based on this experience we decided to construct a larger Combined Heat and Power plant from scratch and without spending too much cash.

On the right is a pictorial record of the project, based on a 200 KVA Cummins generating engine.

Biofuel CHP

See below for the full specs

Research CHP Specifications:

Rated Output:

Prime Mover:




Mains Protection:

Heat Exchangers:

Exhaust HEX

Install Cost:

Fuel Consumption:

160 kW (electrical) continuous

180 kW (thermal)

Cummins 6CTA 8.3 litres

Woodward DPG

Basler DECS-100

ComAp Inteligen

ComAp MainsPro

EJ Bowman (shell and tube)

Bespoke (Cantium Designed)


3.1 - 3.9 kW per litre (depending on fuel)


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