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Who We Are and What We Do

A quick guide to our history and to the type of Renewable Energy services we can offer

Cantium was founded in 2008 in Kent, UK as a response to the growing need from commercial businesses for practical renewable energy systems, which represent good value for money and offer a reliable supply of heat and power.

The company is run by Martin Holmes and Robert Williams. Martin has wide experience in the production of biofuels and in large scale solar energy projects; Robert is a Chartered Surveyor who has worked in the property industry for many years, focusing on renewable energy.

The business developed from a research project undertaken at the University of Greenwich in collaboration with a number of commercial partners. The project was funded by the Regional Development Agency and brought together a wealth of experience in engine technologies and the use of sustainable biofuels.

Cantium now uses that knowledge to advise on the installation of heat and power systems operating on biofuels and biogases. We conduct audits, surveys and design appropriate plant, with special focus on smaller scale CHP installations. Recently, we have also been working on a large scale solar array in SE England. Our aim is always to offer a professional and sophisticated service, at a reasonable price.


Energy Services using Biofuel Technology Sustainability Auditors and Consultants

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